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Tara Jane Ceramics

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As a child growing up on a farm in South Africa, most of my summer days were spent at the stream, digging up clay and sculpting animals and figures.  This has led to my new career as a ceramic artist.


After many years in the fashion and clothing industry it felt right to return to the tactile nature of clay, where my creative passion had begun. My work is uncomplicated. Through it, I reflect my love of the feminine beauty of lace and fabric.


Texture, and the way a glaze reacts to it, fascinate and excite me.


Some of my pieces incorporate lace patterns from heirlooms, passed down through generations of my family. Other fabrics come from searching through forgotten corners of French antique shops, English country fayres, and flea markets in Africa.


Based in my studio at home in Gloucestershire, each piece is formed by hand. I love the smooth, delicate simplicity of porcelain, the vividness of my stoneware glazes and the earthiness of black clay – sometimes combining them all. Each new experiment creates something unique and beautiful.

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